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Welcome to Faro!

As a European City, City of Gastronomy, City on the SEA, City of nice and helpful people, Faro offers world-class experiences and culture.

Faro is the heart of the beautiful Ria Formosa, and it gives you an ideal combination of nature, culture and cosmopolitan experiences. All year round. The people who live here love their city – and they love visitors. Everyone is welcome!

Our slogan is that a good city to study in is a good city to live and to visit. That is why we encourage everyone who visits Faro and the nearby areas to help us take care of the city. We hope that our visitors will take care of the natural surroundings, world heritage and local environment during their visit. Here are seven guidelines we hope you will follow to take care of the city close to the sea:

1. Show consideration for others. Show consideration for both the locals and other visitors. Show consideration for the people working in shops, museums, restaurants and attractions. Bus stops, tram stops and the railway station are no-smoking areas. If you visit islands and beaches, remember that the silence in nature is part of the experience. It is customary to greet the people we meet along the walking paths in FARO.

2. Use the waste bins and public toilets. Please do not leave behind empty containers and waste – use public waste bins. Please make yourself acquainted with the location of public toilets and use these. We do not appreciate guests relieving themselves in the city areas.

3. Respect private property. Remember that the beautiful houses you see in FARO are the homes of those living here, and therefore private property. Please consider the people who live and work in the city, and respect their right to privacy. Try not interfere with loud noises.

4. Have respect for the natural forces. Nature is beautiful, but unpredictable. The weather can change quickly. Remember that your mobile telephone might not have a signal in certain natural surroundings, even those that are close to the city. Always take the marked paths. If you are not used to walking in untamed nature, we recommend a local guide. Ask the Tourist Information for advice. Always remember to bring sun protection and additional food and drink, even on short walks. Remember sturdy footwear.

5. Do not leave any traces in nature. You will not find waste bins or toilets in natural areas. Remember to go to the toilet before setting off on a hike. Do not leave waste behind – please take your waste back home with you. If there are no facilities where you are, please take used toilet paper with you in a bag, and do not to leave it behind in nature. Use existing campsites and make sure there is no risk of fire in the area. Lighting a fire is prohibited.

6. Respect the wildlife. Show consideration to the wildlife, particularly in spring when new life is abundant in the RIA FORMOSA. Always keep your distance when encountering wild animals. Remember that it is illegal to remove eggs from their nests. Always walk your dog on a lead.

7. Photography and drones. You can take pictures almost anywhere in FARO. Some places – mainly in art galleries and museums – may have signs indicating that taking pictures is not allowed. Always remember to ask people around you whether you may take a picture of them. Taking pictures of children in schools and kindergartens is not allowed, unless you have a special agreement to do so. Please note: Special rules apply to the use of drones, which you must familiarise yourself with.We care about our city!Show us that you also care by following these seven points.

Enjoy FARO and its surroundings and welcome back!

Kind regards,


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