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Quente & Frio

The Cafeteria-Geladaria Quente & Frio is one of those spaces where you like to relax, with terrace, nice decoration and a varied offer of flavours. It is located on Rua Vasco da Gama, one of the main shopping streets of downtown. We went to talk with her promoter on a Saturday morning, Verónica Cabeceira, a teacher who got the commercial entrepreneurship. She explains the concept of Quente & Frio, “it was intended to create two environments, one more classic associated with tea and another more relaxed related to ice cream, smoothies or natural juices”.



The decoration composes this identity. Young, playful and also classic in the first floor. Quente & Frio is in a very moving location. Initially built for housing, it has been transformed over the years into commerce – previously a well-known shoe store operated – retaining several original features such as the roofs and the Algarvian chimney.



We also talked with Filipe Rebelo of NEWoffice and responsible for the renovation project that highlighted the use of original and characteristic materials “for example in the interior patio that was abandoned, the Portuguese sidewalk was introduced and one of the walls is Hydraulic mosaic coated “. And he says, “this project has much of the personal taste of the promoter, Verónica known also how to change the space based on the concept and the initial idea.”


It’s the suggestion of The Locals City Guide, for a snack, a light meal or just for a coffee.


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