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When it comes to fusion and innovation, Madalena is a name to keep. This Cafeteria – Bar recently had a transformation that is surprising.

In conversation with Rui Correia and Joana Van Hellemond, promoters of this project, we discovered that the remodeling was conceived after a trip to Indonesia “with the change of concept we intend to create a cleaner, simpler space”. And the change was made by them, inside the feeling is that the bar, now also cafeteria, has become more spacious, bright and consistent, in the details, in the colors, in the layout of the furniture.



Located in Largo with the same name, Largo da Madalena is itself a reference in the bohemian life of the city. Madalena is a place to find good food, vinyl music and an appetizing calendar of art, surf & skate events. Inside there are sofas to accompany the projection of videos and outdoors, the garden is a place for socializing and meeting.

And as we said, the fusion, the Madalena welcomes both those looking for a good breakfast and a corner to during the day as those looking for cocktails and good paces on. Rui comments that the change of concept has allowed the DJ’s, habitual since the days of Cabaret to present new musical styles now.



In terms of flavors, the Magdalena is known for the Smoothie Bowls – bowls of fresh fruit and homemade granola. The kitchen is open every day until 8pm and in addition to the Menu offer you can count on vegan desserts and snacks and eventual pop-up. For this summer promise some news.

Rui and Joana also explore the Porta Doze Guest House, where they implement the same design principles and promote the connection of guests to nature and surrounding islands in Faro. And they have other projects like the Festival ETCETERA, an art and music festival that will happen in Ribeirinho Park on August 4/5.



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