Cultural Spaces

Sociedade Recreativa Artística Farense – “The Artists”

Rua do Montepio, nº 10, Faro
Phone 1
events, music

SRAF was founded in 1906 and its foundation is linked to Montepio dos Artistas in Faro, which has existed since 1856. This association provided various social and solidarity services such as medical care at affordable prices, death and disability pensions. In 1906, Montepio dos Artistas, felt the need to provide its associates with other activities related to culture and recreation, founding the Sociedade Recreativa Artística Farense, giving them part of the facilities (1st floor of nº 10 of Rua do Montepio) . Since always the S.R.A.F. Played a key role in the promotion of cultural activities: Theater, Singing, Dancing, Music, Literature, Cinema, were some of the most constant activities; Besides these, there have always been parties, social gatherings and social gatherings in this space.

In June 1994, the bar “Os Artistas” appeared, iconic and eclectic night Farense, ideal for a good night spent with friends.

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